One year after Odessa massacre

May 2nd of this month marked one year since the tragic events in Odessa, where more than 48 people were killed, and according to various sources more than 50 people were listed as missing, also more than 200 were injured.
Many European cities have been holding memorable campaigns to the event. The protesters demanded to provide the results of the investigation during the year and the announcement of the reasons why the active participants of the pro-governmental movement of the mass riot did not suffer any punishment and why the killers are still on the loose.

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Events Calendar Europa. 2 March 2015

10 months without investigation. Remember Odessa.On March, 2 europeans held protests in several european capitals in memory of the May, 2 tragedy in Odessa. People are calling for a justice and attracting to this uninvesigated crime, which was one of the most cruel episode of the Ukrainian crisis.Odessa, Ukraine (on March, 2)Time and location: at 5 PM on Kulikovo Field (Kуликово Поле)Berlin, GermanyTime and location: at 5 PM near Ukrainian Embassy (Albrechtstrasse 26)Dublin, IrelandTime and location: at 2 PM near General Post Office. O'Connel StreetBrussel, BelgiumTime and location: at 2 PM on Place du Luxembourg / Luxemburgplein

Events Calendar Europa. 2 April 2015

There are already 11 month after Odessa Massacre, and already 11 times on each second day of month there are a mount of protests in european capitals, dedicated Odessa tragedy, which was happened on 2 ofMay 2014. Peoples asking for truth investigation, for justice and fairness!
Speech of Dante Cattaneo, mayor of italien city Ceriano Laghetto on the Round Table in Riga on 15th of March

Speech of Dante Cattaneo, mayor of italien city Ceriano Laghetto on the Round Table in Riga on 15th of March

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
First of all I want to thank you for inviting me here to this really important initiative. I also want to thank friend and journalist Giulietto Chiesa who you surely know well and who couldn`t be here today. I had the occasion to meet him personally a few weeks ago in the town I manage and we discussed about a theme which we both take care of: people`s freedom.

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Events Calendar Europa. 2 December

     On the Luxemburg Square in Brussels just before the European Parliament building on  December 2nd, held and devoted to the events in Odessa on May 2nd. The main task of the happening was to remember to the european community about that terrible tragedy and to recall to all european politicians to pay real attention to the fact that the investigation of the mass massacre in Odessa within 7 months was not carried on at all, that the series of unpunished bloody crimes in the Ukraine is still on and on.

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