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I`m the mayor of a small town in Italy, Ceriano Laghetto, which has about 7000 inhabitants and it`s quite near to Milan and even nearer to the area which will be hosting Expo 2015 in a few days, becoming the center of the world for six months. I`m the representative of a party, Northern League, which has always put among its fundamental principles that of the right of nations to ‘self-determination` and thanks to that I`ve always paid attention to every political movement which revolves around freedom and nation`s feelings of independence.

A few months ago I`ve decided, to dedicate a square of my town to `Odessa`s Martyrs`. Among the motivations I gave after the approval of this political decision, I wanted to highlight that the reference doesn`t only concern the massive tragedy happened in 1941 and in the years afterwards, when about 100.000 Jews were killed in Odessa and in the bordering areas by the Nazi troops occupying the territory, but it also refers to a more recent episode that still happened in Odessa which is now part of Ukraine, the 2nd of May in 2014, when, in the black sea`s harbour city, hundreds of people, pro-Russian protesters, were burnt alive while hiding in the Labor Union Palace in order to escape the supporters of the self-proclaimed Kiev’s government.

The palace was surrounded, the doors locked and then it was burnt down: the proofs of this terrible event are online and they can be seen by everyone. The idea of adding the latter episode to the definition of `Odessa`s Martyrs` has caused the indignant reaction of an official representative of the Ukrainian government who is actually the Ukrainian ambassador in Italy. He has also written to the prefect of our province asking for an intervention, threatening possible effects on the relationship between Italy and Ukraine. All of this happened just because, a small village like Ceriano, has dedicated a square to Odessa`s Martyrs, willing to remember all the victims of that unfortunate city.
This excessive reaction made me reflect a lot. I thought about how much annoyance remembering documented facts can bring to someone. But the most horrific thing to me is that not only the episode happened last year is giving nuisance to somebody but, also the 1941’s jewish massacre. What, is, this, if not Nazism?

On the other hand, our decision, has obtained lot of gratitude and admiration not only from Russia and Ukraine but also from Australia and lots of other European or Non-European countries. This made me understand how the desire to assert certain historical truths is largely widespread all over the world, and this desire cannot be bent over by the media rules of a mass information which risks more and more to be a subject to few large power centers.
We went ahead on our own, we rejected the Ukrainian ambassador’s threats by asking our prefect to not take orders from the representative of a foreign country, but only to focus on our Italian laws and the 14th of February 2015 we held a ceremony to present to the public our new square ‘Odessa’s Martyrs’; An event which was filmed by various broadcasting stations both national and foreign.

What happened in Ceriano is just a small drop, a small symbol which, despite its smallness, I consider really important and symbolic. If we’re here it’s because we want to witness the existence and the determination of whom doesn’t want to give up on a Europe which seems to be going backwards instead of forward. We’re here because we want to keep the attention high on these attempts of hushing the advance of new totalitarians theories which are being shamefully tolerated just because of geopolitical interests and economic opportunities also inside Europe itself. This happened because nowadays the noble values which created and guided the EU aren’t the same anymore, beginning with the ideal not to repeat what happened during the world wars.
Today the EU seems to be interested only in guaranteeing the economic power of small privileged groups which go beyond the idea of State and Government or the idea of community. As a matter of fact today in Europe wars are still fought and people are still dying. This happens because Europe prefers talking about regulations on courgettes or cucumbers or, even better, GDP, spread, guarantees on credit, performance of balance rather than talking about people, communities, freedom and rights.

It’s a Europe whose actions turn into punishments for people’s discomfort. Let’s take as an example the economic penalties imposed by the EU on Russia due to the Ukrainian crisis. The EU avoided examining the question carefully from the inside with an effective and influential mediation’s force because, today, Europe doesn’t have this kind of authority anymore and it’s demonstrated by the fact that, in the end, only Holland and Merkel were the ones to deal directly with Putin.

The EU just put an embargo: a thoughtless action which damaged not only Russian people, but also all the activities of export towards Russia, putting under pressure thousands of families. I think of a lot of Italian food producers, I think of a lot of farmers who export our products and who can’t enter the Russian market since months, which for the last years represented for them a fundamental opportunity for developing their business. Families reduced to misery for a crazy and coward decision taken by people who evidently never had to take care of people, they only took care of money.

In occasion of the ‘Women International Day’, in Ceriano Laghetto, we handed out about a 100 kg of Sicilian red oranges, which were donated by a Sicilian company. By doing this, we wanted to promote ‘Made in Italy’ but we also wanted to sensitize people on the dangerous sanctions emitted by the EU towards Russia which result as a danger to our national economy too.

Near my area there’s a big industry which sells electrical appliance and they used to export almost one fourth of their own production to Russia: now there are about a hundred workers who have to stay at home for one/two days a week thanks to the odd decision taken in Brussels. What could those workers and families possibly think about Europe? What could farmers and breeders think? They break their backs in fields and stables and they cannot sell their ultrahigh-quality products anymore because of unwise Europe’s decisions, imposing rules upon everything and not taking into consideration more important things such as freedom, rights and peace?

An Europe which today seems blind and deaf in front of the horrible blooming of aberrant ideas such as the Nazism ones which appear with questionable and dangerous initiatives (like the one which is going to be here in Riga) but also through more subtle forms of totalitarianism, which are the ones inspired by the economic control and by private interests which are always extremely distant from the common people’s ones. Today, historical revisionism and nostalgic movements which exalt horrific historical pages of Europe are rightly concerning us but we also have to be careful about the new forms of dictatorship as they are the tool used in order to replace the economic rules with democratic ones: they’re trying to disguise a progressive reduction of people’s rights as efficiency and dynamism.

That’s what’s happening in Italy and It’s not only my personal opinion but it’s also the opinion of other different observers but, it’s not happening only in my country, it’s happening in other European countries too and this will keep on happening if we’re all going to stick our heads in the sand, turning our heads and pretending not to see what’s going on.
If we’re going to allow our government to talk about GDP and spread instead of people dying because of wars or because the economic crisis completely destroyed them; If we’re going to accept in silence that, at only 2 hours of flight from us, inside Europe, still today, in 2015, you could die in war while the EU, which was supposed to be our guarantee of peace, prefers to keep quiet, or worst, taking orders from others, like the United States, guided by interests which aren’t and can’t be the same as the European people one’s.

We ignore the war fought right inside of Europe, fought by two ‘European brothers’ bent by the choices of non-Europeans forces.We let us totally unprepared in front of the enormous dangers represented by the gigantic Arabic/North African time bomb which could be a risk for our future.

I’m glad to take part in this meeting because I think that until there are such occasions of debate on difficult themes like these, it means that there are people who’re not going to hide or turn their heads away, but there are people always on the alert ready to fight against new form of Totalitarianism and who are willing to fight for the principles of freedom, democracy and for the rights for which European communities fought with sacrifice and effort.
We need to start from these rights if we want to maintain the idea of a united and peaceful Europe, unlike it is nowadays.
Odessa, and with it our own square dedicated to the massacre, has become a symbol and this frightens someone. Now 10, 100, 1000 ‘Odessa’s Martyrs’ squares are needed in every European city and then Nazism and also who cultivates hatred and hostility between Europe and Russia will not be forgiven!

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