History of the movement

International non-profit association "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR THE FUTURE WITHOUT FASCISM" was founded on February 22, 2010, in accordance with the terms of Chapter III of Belgian Act from June 27, 1921, (non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations).

The Association has no commercial purposes and has the following non-commercial purposes of international significance:

- Implementation of projects, aimed at eradicating fascism, racism and xenophobia;
- Coordination of social activities and contacts with the media to form the public opinion, tuned negatively to the manifestations of fascism, racism and xenophobia;
- Organization of regular information exchange and joint activities of non-governmental anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations;
- Provision of legal aid and support in order to achieve the above mentioned goals..
To gain these goals the Association cooperates with civil society organizations, political parties and government agencies, supranational institutions and international organizations.

For this the Association may, among other things, take the following steps:

- To disseminate information, organize conferences, seminars and meetings of its members;
-  To develop optimal strategies;
-  To find funds and subsidies for the operation of the Association;
- To take all other actions, which, in the opinion of its members, promote the implementation of these goals.

In general, the Association may take any actions which facilitate, directly or indirectly, to achieve its goals and objectives, or which are perceived as facilitating their implementation.

Members of the Association are individuals from the following countries of the European Union: Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, and Finland, including one former and one current member of the European parliament.

President of the Association – Guilietto Chiesa, vice president – Joseph Koren, Secretary – Tatjana Zhdanok.

International movement for the future without fascism: +371 29521361; +371 20909295


International movement for future without fascisme

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Rīga, LV-1011 Phones: +371 29521361; +371 20909295